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Title: Pose
Prompt: Erotic
Word Count: 722
Summary: Against her better judgement, Violet lets Scar talk her into something.

“Open the door Princess Bubblegum.”

Scarlett leaned against Violet’s back door and tapped with her sparkling red fingernail.

“Fuck off Marceline. I’m not talking…

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A Game of Cat and Mouse



Joshua McCardle and his team had been hunting for Nathan Porter for weeks now. To say that he was proving to be elusive, was like saying the surface of the sun was a tad warm. Josh was not discouraged about it; a challenge was welcomed after all…

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Title: What An Asshole

Chars: scar, o, violet

Summary: Scarlett has an opportunity to make Violet uncomfortable again.

A/N: inappropriate language and subject matter

“Soooo What kind of pictures are you trying to take?”

Scarlett stared through the lense of one of her larger cameras while…

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Title: You Guys Are Annoying Me

Chars: Scar, Olivia, Jack

Summary: Scarlet thas to call in a favor while her tolerance is way too low.

A/N: Some Language

“Whatcha doin?”


“Assassin work or family photo work?” Olivia stretched across Scarlett’s bed then lifted her legs into the air…

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Trapped Wolf


Sara was pacing a lot. She was itching to get out. Her wolf was making it hard for her to sit still. Sara wanted to let her wolf lose. She made a promise that she would stay safe. Joziah and Sage wanted her to lay low. Since she just moved her Daddy to the farm. Sara being Sara doesn’t take…

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Omg.. If.You.Have.A.Twin.I. Will.Face.The.True.Death. HOT DAMN

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Thank god he ripped all my panties.. I would have soaked through them.

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HOLY… @DemonicOne_ wear leather.

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