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"You are an obsession. I can not sleep. I am your possession Unopened at your feet No equality Be still I will not accept defeat.

I will have you, yes I will have you, I will find a way and have you. Like a butterfly a wild butterfly, I will collect you and capture you.”

Kenny Carson was an…

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Before makeup and after.. you say a word about my moles and i will rip your lips off.

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What is wrong with me? Why am I swooning. @DemonicOne_

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So as you can see I am all smiles. This is what the third time I have been reborn. Who else can say that huh? Dont worry I’ll wait.  LOL.. let me get to catching ya’ll up. 

Thalia sat in the limo that drove her from the airport to the mansion that had been collecting dust. In her 2500+ years she had a lot of relationships. If she took the time to count how many lasted she would be sitting there for all of eternity.  Her head lowered a bit when she thought of Aethon. They were not on bad terms at all. Its just they grew apart. The sex was amazing, but the marriage was crumbling. She was itching to move around and Aethon was busy with his clones and all. 

The two decided like adults that it was time to go their separate ways. Thal kissed him softly before she left. His words rang in her ears and mind for weeks. “I will always love you. I can never not love you.” Thal smiled and turned. That was the last time she would see her maker. Well if he called to her she would go. He still had that power. She didnt want to be released.  It was a long road back to who she was now. She had her phases. Instead of being depressed she killed. She left a multitude of bodies in her wake. It soothed her. 

Thal’s thoughts were interrupted as the limo driver opened her door. She got out and looked over the mansion. Last time she was here was when she dated Lestat. Long, Long time ago. But it was her home. She walked in and smiled. The staff had been busy decorating and all. She looked down at her finger and smiled. The day ring she was gifted by her long time friend Jason Stackhouse was one of her favorite pieces of jewelry.  

Thal decided to get her life started in Louisiana again. She was not being a bartender this time. In being with Aethon she learned a lot about business. She wanted to use her new business savy do she called a long time friend, Tahirir.. She went by Dea now but it was fun to catch up none the less. In speaking with Tahiri she found a job with her Maker Simon. Thal and Simon had a connection. She knew he would always be a great hunting partner but she promised Tahiri she wouldnt bring the bloodlust out of him. 

Thalia has been working and keeping a low profile. What is next in her life no one knows. But she is happy and loving her life to the fullest. She can not wait to see what the future has in store. 

when I moved back into my mansion I had moved out of a while back. 

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